Terms of use

Scope of application
These terms of use apply to the Child and Adult Protection Contact Point (KESCHA) and the related counselling services provided by the Guido Fluri-Foundation, based in Cham (hereinafter "we"). By using the counselling service, you accept these terms of use.

Our service
The counselling service is aimed at people who are affected by a child or adult protection measure. We only offer counselling to people who are resident in Switzerland. Counselling is provided by trained specialists.

We reserve the right to change or discontinue our services at any time.

As a matter of principle, we only provide advice by telephone. We cannot guarantee a response within a certain period for enquiries sent to us by e-mail or post. 

Our service is free of charge. 

We do not assume or finance any representation before courts or authorities, nor do we conduct mediation between conflicting parties.

No applications for financial support will be accepted.

Data transmission and data security
If you contact us by e-mail, please note that the reply will be sent unencrypted and that correspondence by e-mail is generally insecure. We recommend that you protect your e-mail inbox from unauthorised access.

The persons entrusted with the counselling, who are either employees or external contractors of ours, will be informed of the data you have provided. Information on the processing of your personal data by us can be found in our privacy information notice.

Disclaimer for counselling and information content
We do not assume any liability for how our recommendations, information provided, and website content are interpreted and applied. We accept no liability for omitted information or advice. Liability based on advice or information is generally excluded. Liability for auxiliary persons is also generally excluded. Contact with us and communication during consultations do not constitute any contractual obligations.

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Consultations by telephone only
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